Men should marry three wives to reduce number of single women- Francis Atwoli

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Men should marry three wives to reduce number of single women- Francis Atwoli

Men should marry three wives to reduce number of single women- Francis Atwoli - A journalist once said Cotu boss Francis Atwoli speaks with enough energy to light up Kakamega town. The combative trade unionist spoke to GRACE WEKESA about Ababu Namwamba, the death of his deputy and his choice for Chief Justice

Is it true you once ran for political office and lost?

I did run once, but I was not serious. I had not been given a lot of responsibilities. I was just a director at the Central Organisation of Trade Unions (Cotu) at the time.

Why haven’t you run for political office again?

I took over leadership of Kenya Plantation and Agricultural Workers Union, then Cotu and the East Africa Trade Union Confederation. At the global level, I am number two.

Workers entrusted me to lead them nationally, continently and globally, so, I have grown above the position of MP, senator or governor. The only seat I can go for now if I were to venture into politics is the presidency. But I am not interested due to the respect I have earned and continue to enjoy worldwide.

You don’t have ‘enemies’ in government or the opposition. Is that a good thing?
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There are people who are forced to put up with me because they can’t take me anywhere. But a majority are my friends.

Why is it so difficult for Luhyas to unite?

Luhya has been a factor in Kenya politics since independence. During independence, we had two political parties, Kanu and Kadu. Luhyas predominantly voted for Kadu apart from a few founders who were for Kanu like retired politician JB Otiende from Vihiga.

Since Kanu merged with Kadu in the early 60s, Luhyas have been voting as a bloc for Kanu. At one time, every constituency in Western Kenya was in government. Where there was no assistant minister, there was a Cabinet minister.

so for young politicians to say Luhya unity is impossible and that the community cannot come together is a big lie.

Skeptics say you will fail...

You cannot attempt something once. The other time I tried with only political leaders I didn’t involve ordinary Luhyas, MPs, senators, governors and elders who are opinion leaders. This time, I am involving everyone and we are succeeding. Luhyas are already listening to me.

Do you see a Luhya becoming president in your lifetime?

Politicians like Masinde Muliro, Elijah Mwangale and Moses Mudamba Mudavadi (Musalia’s father) were capable of being president. Currently, we have presidential material in men like Musalia Mudavadi, (Cyrus) Jirongo and (Moses) Wetang’ula. None of them is a joker. If our people come together, it is achievable.

What was the tiff between you and your deputy at Cotu, the late Hon George Muchai?

There are some politicians who did not like me and wanted to put a wedge between me and my deputy with whom I had worked for almost two years. My Cotu colleagues and I supported Muchai to go to Parliament to articulate the interests of working men and women of this country. If he was my enemy, I wouldn’t have sponsored him to go to Parliament.

Unfortunately, he was murdered by thugs and I am still enraged by innuendos from my enemies that I had something to do with it. I hail from a community where a father and grandfather cannot do evil against a fellow human being because that curse can finish your family.
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In any case, I had no reason to hurt Muchai because I had the support of my colleagues in the trade union movement in this country and beyond. My late deputy was not a threat. Let him rest in peace.

Have you ever led a successful strike in your life as a trade unionist?

Yes. During the coalition government, when we were awarded 14 percent on the first day of the intended strike, there was no work in Nairobi. Presidents Moi and Kibaki were keen on labour issues and would not let workers go on strike. They were quick to respond to workers’ demands.

President Uhuru is doing the same. This year, he waived taxes on overtime and other allowances from trade union members, including terminal benefits and promised to increase the minimum wage during next year’s Labour Day.

So, there’s no need for threats now or to call on workers to go on strike after the government has shown commitment to workers of Kenya.

Is it possible for a man of average means to be a successful polygamist today?

The world over, there are more women than men (about 65 percent). If we don’t marry many wives, who will marry our daughters?

I am encouraging my sons to marry more than three wives so that we can reduce the population of unmarried women. It’s a taboo in our community to bury our daughters where they were born, they must be married somewhere.

There have been suggestions that Raila should step aside for another leader for Cord to win in 2017. Your view?

That is a personal decision for Raila. But personally, I don’t believe in a person stepping down for me.

Trade union elections tend to be more like coronations...
See also: Men who shun polygamy are cowards - 'Polygamy Kenya' president

They are not. You can trace trade unionists right from delegates to branch officials. Leaders are properly chosen by the people in elections that are supervised by the Ministry of Labour. Our elections are actually more open and democratic than those of political parties

Who is your choice for Chief Justice?

When I was listening to them, there are three guys who impressed me - Alnashir Vishram, Nzamba Kitonga and Smokin Wanjala. Any of them can make a good CJ.

How would you compare the Kibaki presidency to Uhuru’s?

Kibaki was a developer, but Uhuru does not have ‘no’ in his vocabulary. He is good to everybody. Brokers and cartels are exploiting that weakness in him to steal from his government. I have advised Uhuru more than 15 times to be assertive and crack the whip. To me, it is as if he will never change.

Your advice to Budalang’i MP Ababu Namwamba?

He still has a chance. He is a young person. He can falter because he has time to amend his ways of doing politics. What he need to do is to join our crusade to bring our people (the Luhya) together. To me, he is still a formidable politician and time is on his side.

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Marriage in jeopardy after drunk Nakuru hubby staggers home with secret lover

Marriage in jeopardy after drunk Nakuru hubby staggers home with secret lover

Marriage in jeopardy after drunk Nakuru hubby staggers home with secret lover - A marriage in an informal settlement on the outskirts of Nakuru Town has hit rock bottom after a wife fled, following a nasty fight with her husband and his secret lover last Sunday evening.

This was after the woman’s drunken husband, a jua kali artisan only identified as Njuguna, staggered home with his equally tipsy secret lover and introduced her as his second wife.

Njuguna set tongues wagging when he unashamedly trooped home high as a kite with the woman, insisting she was his second wife starting that evening.

Things got even worse when his legal wife attempted to protest, only for the duo to team up and clobber her senseless. Without a shame in the world, the father of three teenagers defended his barbaric act, claiming he had persevered for long with his first wife.

He told neighbours who came to his wife’s rescue that he could not take it anymore. “Mine is a rocky marriage and I had to get another wife to help her handle her business in the house,” Njuguna mumbled in drunken slur.

Claiming that his marriage has been two decades of nothing but torture, Njuguna warned neighbours to mind their business for he is the only one who was in a position to explain how bad his first wife is.

Long-suffering wife
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According to sources at the informal settlement, the man visited a local pub that evening in company of the said woman and treated themselves to a meal of roast meat and copious amounts of beer.

Once they were done, they staggered to the man’s home a few metres from the watering hole, ready to introduce her as his second wife.

The artisan’s long-suffering wife said she did not anticipate anything when she opened the door to let her husband in. At first, she mistook the drunken female companion as a visitor passing by or a stranded stranger, who was to spend the evening at their home before leaving the following day.

To her shock, her husband blurted out that she was her co-wife, urging her to familiarise her with the house. Njuguna’s wife hit the roof, demanding the woman to leave the house immediately of face dire consequences.

She yelled at her husband, telling him off and telling the other woman to go to hell. A heated exchange ensured, with the drunken woman hurling expletives for being called a harlot. Njuguna’s attempts to defend his secret lover turned futile as his legal wife who would hear none of it attacked him.

Tables, however, turned against her when the drunken pair ganged up and beat her up for being ‘disrespectful’. The offending woman left, but that did not stop Njuguna’s wife from fleeing the following day with her children.

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‘I had five months to live’

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‘I had five months to live’

I had five months to live’ - Nyakan Muken was diagnosed with a life threatening condition in her pregnancy. She speaks with us about her brush with death, quitting a high profile job and why it;s possible to empower women.

In an unlucky twist of fate, Nyakan Munyeki found herself staring at death. The pain was no less at a time she expected profound happiness. She was pregnant – with her second child – when she was diagnosed with a deadly condition.

“Placenta previa of the 3rd degree,” the doctor called it out on her when she was about four months pregnant.

She was told it is a dangerous condition. What she didn’t know though was that she faced imminent death in the period of her pregnancy. If she survived the nine months, then she would surely not live past the date of the baby’s delivery.

“’Is there anything that can be done?’ I asked the doctors. No one was willing to blatantly tell me the truth. I had to find out on my own — all mothers who suffer from the condition can’t be saved,” Nyakan says.

At best, nature was dabbling in the stuff of her soul and at worst, she felt cheated out of life when she was barely starting to live.

She had at most five months to live. One would think Nyakan went out of her way to savour her last days on planet earth. But no; she lived like life was still a well she could draw from. Her body had been taken hostage. She was, however, adamant that nothing could hijack her faculties– and so she decided to use them.

“I lived my life normally. But my friendship with God grew much stronger. The cohesion between me and my family got better. I filled my mind with positive ideas. I simply believed that the best would turn out, the diagnosis notwithstanding,” she says.

Her doctor required that she stays bedridden throughout the pregnancy. In the final weeks to delivery, Nyakan was wheeled into surgery for a caesarean section. The atmosphere, she recalls, was blithe and gothic. The hospital felt like the grim reaper’s sanctuary.

For whatever reason, a voice from inside assured her that she would come out of the procedure alive.

“I felt some unusual sense of calm over me,” she says. “I knew what I faced ahead. Despite that, I had a strong feeling that I would survive.”

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Pain for freshers as Helb delays cash disbursement

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Pain for freshers as Helb delays cash disbursement

reason for helb delay in disbursing 2016/2017 - Helb has extended a one month loan repayment amnesty and 80 per cent waiver on all penalties for loans paid in lump sum.

Students being served at the Higher Education Loans Board (Helb) offices last year. Helb has extended a one-month loan repayment amnesty and an 80 per cent waiver on all penalties for loans paid in a lump sum. 

First-year students who have reported to public universities should brace themselves for a life of frugality after the Higher Education Loans Board (Helb) announced it will not send them any money until November.

    Helb to offer explanations, proof for loan denial

It is feared the wait for two months or longer may force some students to postpone their studies or to seek cheap accommodation in unsafe informal settlements.

Helb said it will close loan applications for freshers at the end of this month and, thereafter, take at least three weeks to process their requests. This means the earliest the body can disburse funds is November.

“Applications are still going on up to September 30, 2015. Thereafter, we take about three weeks to process,” Mr Ringera told the Business Daily.

For the second year in a row, Helb is delaying cash to newly students. Chief executive Charles Ringera said the loan application and disbursement cycle was “mutually agreed upon” by the agency, the deans of public universities and the central admissions body.

The higher education financier once more attributed the delay to the varying opening dates for the public-funded universities, saying this presents a logistical nightmare for the State agency.

“With varying opening dates, it becomes difficult to adopt an earlier date than the latest admission date,” he said.

But the Business Daily has determined that all but one of the 22 public universities have already admitted the 67,124 new students selected to join the institutions of higher learning.

For example, South Eastern Kenya University admitted its batch of freshers on August 24. A majority of institutions such as Kenyatta, Technical University of Mombasa, Maseno, Moi and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology welcomed their first years between the last day of August and September 8.

The disheartening announcement to government-sponsored first-year students means that the freshers will have to pay for tuition and accommodation, among other expenses, from their own pockets as they await the Helb funding.

The loan delay will even be worse for freshmen who missed university housing as they have to source for extra funds to rent houses or hostels in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

University hostel charges range from Sh3,000 per semester while private hostels charge an average of Sh7,000 per month.

It is estimated that eight of every 10 university students admitted under what is popularly is known as “JAB” apply for financial aid from Helb.

The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service last year replaced the Joint Admissions Board (JAB) as the entity which selects State-funded students to public universities.

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minimum amount of helb you can borrow 2016 - Each product has an application form
[accordion] [spoiler title="Loans for Direct entry students (DES)"] These are for students joining public or private universities within the East African Community directly from high school either through the joint admissions board (JAB) or as self-sponsored. Amounts awarded range between 35,000 minimum and 60,000 maximum based on the level of need. The loan attracts interest of 4% P.a and the students are required to repay their loans on completion of their studies. Students are advised to apply at least one month before the opening date to allow ample time for processing and remittance. The application period is January to July every year. [/spoiler] [spoiler title="Undergraduate Bursaries"] HELB awards bursaries to extremely needy undergraduate students who benefit from loans for direct entry. Orphans, students from single parent families and others who come from poor backgrounds will be given priority for the bursaries. There is no separate application for this bursary but qualification for it depends on the information provided on the direct entry form. [/spoiler] [spoiler title="Scholarships"]HELB awards scholarships to postgraduate students pursuing their Masters or Doctoral studies. The award is based on academic merit. Scholarships are allocated to universities every year, based on the population of their student. The application period is April to July Applicants are required to pay a processing fee of kshs 3,000[/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Tivet Bursaries"] Students studying Diploma and certificate courses in Public universities, university colleges, public national polytechnics and Institutes of Technology and Technical Training institutes country-wide are eligible for this bursary. Orphans, single parent students and others who come from poor backgrounds will be given priority for the bursaries. The application period is January to April every year. [/spoiler] [spoiler title="Visa oshwal scholarships"]

Oshwal aid in association with Higher education Loans Board (HELB) offers scholarships to direct entry university students. The scholarships will funds 20 students for the total tenure of study. For undergraduate degree programme. The fund supports needy entrants in local universities to a maximum of kshs 100,000 per annum. The application period is July to August every year.
[/spoiler] [spoiler title="Alternative Loans"]

Alternative loans comprise of postgraduate (masters & phd) and continuing education (Undergraduate for salaried applicants) loans. This category of loan was introduced in the year 2000/2001 (postgraduate) and 2008/2009 (CE).It runs as a commercial window targeting students who are able to repay their loans while studying, thus allowing the Board to generate some income from application fees and interest charged to build and maintain a sustainable revolving fund. The loans are evaluated and awarded on the basis of the loanees’ ability to pay while studying at an interest rate of 12% p.a and repayable in 48months.
Awards (per year)     Phd- Maximum of  Kshs: 150,000.00;Masters -Maximum of  Kshs: 120,000.00;CE -Maximum of  Kshs: 50,000.00;
The requirements to qualify for the alternative loans     1) Repaying or Repaid UG and previous PG loans if a beneficiary2) Ability to pay while studying based on the one third rule of basic salary as per the Employment Act.3) Meet all the requirements as indicated in the online form
Loan Interest Rate:     12% per annum
Current Monthly Repayment Rates and repayment period:     Estimated monthly rate per disbursement for 48 months:UG-Kshs   1, 500 .00MASTERS-Kshs    3, 500.00PHD-Kshs  4, 500.00
Documents required to be attached to the form before submission     1)   Copy of letter of admission to the university2)   Certified copy of last acquired certificate3)   Certified copy of ID4)   certified copies of two salaried guarantors’ IDs5)   Certified copy of PIN card6)   Certified copies (by employer) of the latest three months pay slips7)   Recent colored passport size photograph8)  Letter of  appointment (contracted applicants only)(1-5 should be certified by an advocate and 6-9 by employer)
How to apply for the loan     Application is done online
[/spoiler] [spoiler title="Training Revolving Fund"]

The Training Revolving Fund (TRF) was introduced as part of the efforts by the Government of Kenya to assist Public Servants access funds at subsidized interest rates for training in order to enhance knowledge and skills considered critical for performance improvement and achievement of National development goals. The product is administered by Higher Education Loans Board in partnership with the Ministry of State for Public Service and was introduced during the year 2011/2012.
Awards (In Kenya shillings)     Minimum : 30,000.00 Maximum: 500,000.00
Cover for long courses(Paid to training institutions directly)     Local Trainings onlyTuitionExaminationLibraryComputerResearch
Cover for Short Courses (examinable-3 months)(Paid to training institutions directly)     Technical & Professional courses
Eligibility     Applicants should:Commence studies the same financial yearAbility to pay while studying based on the one third rule of basic salary as per the Employment Act.Avail a letter of admission from a recognized training institutionHave completed one year after completion of probationHave completed two years after completion of a long courseRepaying or Repaid HELB loans if a beneficiaryCourse applied for must:Be relevant to officer’s duties

Have been identified as critical


Duly filled loan forms

Certified National ID. copies

Current pay slip

Admission letter

Recommendation letter from employer signed by accounting officer

Certified copies of guarantor’s ID’S

Mode of training

Designation of officer proceeding for training


Should be in the public service

Loan Interest Rate:     4% per annum
Current Monthly Repayment Rates and repayment period:     Repayment period- up to 72 months
How to apply for the loan     Application is done online
[/spoiler] [spoiler title="FUNZO kenya Scholarships and Loans"]

The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) was established by an Act of Parliament, the Higher Education Loans Board Act, Chapter 213A of the Laws of the Republic of Kenya on the 21st day of July, 1995. This provided for the establishment of a Board for the management of a fund to be used for granting loans, Bursaries and scholarships to Kenyan Students pursuing higher education at recognized institutions within and outside Kenya.  The Board is further empowered to deal with any other matters incidental or connected to the granting of loans among them mobilization of resources. Under the establishing legal instrument the Board therefore has the power to establish links with persons within and outside Kenya as deemed necessary.  To this end, the Board entered into partnership with Intra Health Kenya with a view to enhancing access and equity to higher education specifically to health workers by way of granting them loans and scholarships. The Loans and scholarships target those already within the health sector workforce as well as those directly enrolled into approved institutions mandated in the training of health workers. The objectives of the program are:

To increase the production of new health workers in Kenya.

Promote quality and efficiency in delivery of health care.

To increase the pool of experts in different and specialized health fields.

Motivate and improve retention of health workers.
Awards                           (In Kenya shillings)     Up to: 150,000.00(Tuition paid to training institutions directly and upkeep directly to the student accounts)
Beneficiary Courses (Local Trainings only)CertificateDiplomaDegree     NursingClinical MedicineLaboratory Technologists and TechniciansPharmacist and Pharmaceutical TechnologistsNutritionistsHealth Records Management and Information TechnologyPublic Health OfficersMedical,  Dental including oral health PractitionersCourses in cadres with critical shortage of skilled health workers
Eligibility                    (Pre-service Applicants)     The applicant must:Be a Kenyan Citizen with a residential Status in KenyaDemonstrate financial need.Be a student in their 1, 2 or 3 yearMust provide copies of required supportive documentation:duly filled in application formKCSE certificate,national identification card,school leaving certificate,

most recent training institution academic report

current fee statement,

copy of letter of admission

Must commit to serve for at least 3 years in any county/districts, marginalized or hard to reach areas upon completion of their studies.

Be willing to abide by the bonding mechanism as set in the loan & scholarship program.

Must commit to abide by the loan repayment and monitoring procedures

provide academic progress reports and reference letters from the institution on a yearly basis to maintain funding for the ongoing period of study
Eligibility                    (In-service Applicants)Targets health workers in the public, private and FBO health facilities.     Applicants should:Must have been in service for over three (3) years from the date of 1st appointment.Must be below fifty (50) years of age at the time of application.Must not be facing disciplinary action at the time of application or nomination.Apply for a course in the area of study relevant to the roles and responsibilities at their work station or needed in the health sector.Must show evidence of admission to a recognized and reputable college under the loan & scholarships area.Applicants in the public sector must agree to abide by the set Public Service Commission bonding mechanism upon graduation.Applicants in the private and FBO sectors must agree to abide by their respective organizations bonding mechanism.

The Applicant will be required to serve in their duty stations for a period of two years.

Must commit to abide by the loan repayment and monitoring procedures.

Is expected to provide academic progress reports and reference letters from the institution on a yearly basis to maintain funding for the ongoing period of study.

Course applied for must:

Be relevant to officer’s duties


Duly filled loan forms

Certified National ID. copies

Current pay slip

Admission letter

Recommendation letter from employer signed by accounting officer

Certified copies of guarantor’s ID’S

Mode of training

Designation of officer proceeding for training

Guarantors:  Should be in the service
Loan Interest Rate:     4% per annum for pre-service ;  12% per annum for In-service
Current Monthly Repayment Rates and repayment period:     Repayment period- up to 72 months
How to apply for the loan/Scholarship     Applicants should access and fill the application form from the HELB website  HYPERLINK “” a copy of the Application Form.Have the form properly filled, signed and stamped by the relevant authorities.Sign the form and attach all the necessary documents, as indicated.Submit the form at the Higher Education Loans Board Office.The Board will use the email and telephone contacts provided on the form for communication on the progress of your application.

With the information we provide about   minimum amount of helb you can borrow 2016

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TSC INVITES UNIONS TO PAY TALK SEMINAR                                                                         

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has helb released the fourth batch for disbursement this week sep 2016 - NEW TEACHERS TO BE HIRED                                                                                                        

More than 7000 teachers are to be hired to fill the 85,000 shortage.Candidates have 10 days to apply by August 26 the deadline.Out of the 7,000,1,125 teachers will be posted in Secondary School and 3,775 teachers will be posted in Primary School.An additional 2,157 teachers will be hired to replace teachers who have left the service through death and retirement, 1,681 of this will be to primary schools and 539 in scools and colleges.

15,000 TEACHERS UP FOR PROMOTION                                                                                         AUGUST 11TH 2016

The goverment has allocated Sh2.2billion for 15,000 teachers in goverment schools that are set up for immediate promotions,6000 of the beneficiaries are ordinary teachers,while 4000 are principals in Job Group N explained Nancy Macharia Teachers Sevice Comission Chief Executive.The promotions will be carried out at the end of the month,Another 5,500 teachers who took the teachers to make a point of regulary visiting the TSC website for updates and promotion opportunities.


KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion says the ongoing negotiations for the 2017-2011 period set to be concluded in October must have a component of bigger teachers salary increase,adressing the participants at the Kenya Primary Schools Head Teachers Association(Kepsha) in Mombasa Mr Sossion also accused the goverment of failing to disburse money to schools on time.He said that without the capitation cash,the running of schools becomes a major challenge.

BILL ON RANKING OF SCHOOLS APPROVED                                                                                 AUGUST 5TH 2016

Mps Yesterday approved a bill passed in parliament on Wednesday which seeks to reintroduce ranking of schools in national examinations,however the ranking will take into account the schools category.This is designed to ensure that schools are ranked according to the level of facilities at their disposal so as to bring out unique challenges of schools and inform policy decisions on resource allocations,it also includes ranking for the first time in terms of perfomance in co curricular activities such as sports and drama.However two teachers union have differed sharply Kuppet and a civil society organisation Elimu Yetu Coalition have opposed the Bill while the Kenya National Union of Teachers have supported it,Many experts have questioned who ranking of schools serves.Mrs Ouko said parliament should make laws on how equity can be acheived in all schools.

28 STUDENTS CHARGED OVER ARSON                                                                                           AUGUST 4TH,2016

28 students from Langata Boys and Sunshine High have been charged over causing unrest in schools,they were charged with destroying property worth 5 million,13 of the 20 were charged with arson and conspiracy to torch the school between July 6th and 24th,they denied the charges.The suspected arsonists were charged before senior principal Magistrate Martha Mutuku who released the suspects on bond.Seven of the students were converted State witnesses and the charges withdrawn before children court chief magistrate Ms Lucy Gitari.

EDUCATION STAKEHOLDERS ADDRESS ARSON ATTACKS                                                             JULY 29TH,2016

The number of schools whose buildings have gone up in smoke in under three months has risen to 116.Education chiefs insist teaching will continue and closure remains on August 12 the official closing day.In a meeting of headteachers,religious leaders and the National Cohesion and Integration Commission in Nairobi,which was chaired by Dr Matiangi resolved that schools should remain open until the closing date.Deputy President Wiliam Ruto reiterated that schools will not be closed supporting the Education minister.Mr Ruto blamed the burning of schools on crooks and criminals saying the goverment will dela with them firmly.However Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (kuppet)said they have given the education chiefs seven days to close schools or they will not teach.

THE stakeholders meeting at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development Maintained that 99% of the 9,300 secondary schools were running normally and that those involved in the arson were too few to necessitate the closure.Students from across the country blamed the torching on the Education ministry for preventing exam cheating.This supports the views of Education Cabinet Secretary Matiangi who says cheating cartels are fanning the fire.

HEADTEACHERS CALL FOR CRISIS TALKS                                                                                        JULY 26,2016

Finger pointing game has caused headteachers to call for a crisis meeting with goverment officials following the wave of Arson attacks ,Chairmen from all 47 counties will also be part of the scrutiny of information to come up with a solution.Headteachers stated they were disturbed with the fires spreading across schools throughout the country.Kenya Secondary Schools Headteachers Association chairman John Awiti said they are reaching out to all stakeholders for a solution.Education CS Fred Matiangi in an interview yesterday maintained that no school would be closed early as demanded by teachers unions saying that it would postpone the problem rather than solve it.

STUDENTS CHARGED OVER ARSON ATTACKS                                                                                 JULY 22ND 2016

130 students have been charged for burning down dormitories in their schools,the goverment has admitted that apart from students,criminals were also involved in arson attacks.The suspects were charged in various courts across the country as four more schools were torched yesterday .Teachers who were implicated were also seized by police.In Taita Taveta four students were arrested on suspision that they were planning to burn the school.

TEAM FORMED TO INVESTIGATE ARSON                                                                                             JULY 21ST 2016

The goverment has appointed a 8 member team to investigate the arson attacks that have hit public boarding schools across the country.Atleast 73 schools have been torched this term.The team has members from the Interior and Education ministries and will be led by career provincial administrator Mrs Claire Omolo,Secretary administrator at the Presitents office.The team will be required to review recommendations of past task forces on students unrest assess,implementation and suggest ways of incorporating some of the proposals as it audits school safety and security.

EDUCATION CABINET SECRETARY SHIFTS BLAME                                                                              JULY 20TH 2016

Following the ongoing wave of school unrest Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi shifted blame to headteachers yesterday, at a senate committee hearing on Education he said that unrest should be blamed on unfocused structures with management in schools and lack of harmony between principals,their deputies and teachers and that some school managers lacked commitment.To diminish the problem Dr Matiangi said that there will be a comprehensive review of all headteachers and that those not meeting the standard will be replaced.The education ministry is also working on a proposal that compels parents of students involved to pay for the destruction instisting that no goverment funds will be used for reconstruction,schools will also require a visit from the ministry of health and officers from public works to determine if learning should continue.The Ministry of Education is working with the Ministry of Interior to pursue such cases to logical conclusion and prosecute where necessary.

MORE SCHOOLS UP IN FLAMES                                                                                                                 JULY 19TH 2016

There has been a fresh round of arson atacks bringing the numbers of schools that have been burnt to 70 this term alone.KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion has blamed Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi for the unrest in public boarding schools and the country,Schools have been closed following the wave of arson attacks.

NEW TERM DATES BLAMED FOR UNREST IN SCHOOLS                                                                       JULY 14TH 2016

In the past 18 months, 122 schools have gone on rampage leading to massive destruction of property.Teachers have stepped pressure on Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi to review the contested new term dates after wave of school fires in various counties has continued.Kenya Parents Teachers Association Chairman Nathan Barasa agreed with the teachers saying the extenson of the term has contributed to the mess.Kena Secondary Schools Heads Association(Kessha) also got into the issue yesterday absolving its members of blame for school unrest,The association is expected to meet with the Cabinet Secretary to discuss the issue.

POWER SET UP IN SCHOOLS TO BE COMPLETED BY NEXT MONTH                                                            JULY 6TH 2016

Only 247 schools are remaining for power setup,the goverment has said this will be complete by next month,this is to enhance the Jubilee goverment initiative for laptops for pupils in public schools.Rural Electrification Authority Chairman Simon Gicharu says that the said schools were identified much later as they were not included in the initial data given to Authority,he also said he would ensure no school is left out


The 41st edition of The Kenya Secondary School Association (KESSHA) conference was held between 20-24th of June at Wild Waters in Mombasa. The event was attended by principals from public secondary schools all over country. Elimu`s staff were in attendance to offer services and with great success. We were able to engage the schools and other clients on products such as Elimu Financial Systems, Elimu Grading Systems, Elimu Websites, advertising and vouchers for our E-library.

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KNEC STAFF VETTING COMPLETE                                                                                                       JUNE 14TH,2016

Four hundred and six staff members of the Kenya National Examination Council have been vetted,those found culpable will be sacked and only those with clean track records will be retained while those who did not meet the integrity threshold would be ejected this was revealed by Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi.This is a move to curb cheating in schools the govt has already sent home 11 top managers at the Kenya National Examination Council.

STUDENT UNREST BLAMED ON NEW RULES                                                                                    JUNE 13TH,2016

Teachers say students are angered over the extension of the second term.Wilson Sossion KNUT Secretary General said it was unreasonable for the Ministry of Education to keep students in school from May to late October.This is in relation to the burning of schools and dormitories in the last two weeks,last month Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi reorganised the school calender and banned all social activity in the third term,he also shortened the exam period from six weeks for four weeks.

BUDGET ALLOCATION FOR EDUCATION                                                                                            JUNE 9TH,2016

Goverment keen on fully implementing  the school laptop programme,a total of Sh 13.4 billion for the Digital Literacy Programme.Stil in the Education sector Sh 4.5 billon goes to recruitment and promotion of teachers,with Sh 2.8 billion for the second phase of the teachers house allowance.

Meanwhile,Sh 32.4 billion has been allocated for free day secondary education while 14.7 billion for free primary education.

TEACHERS SUFFER ANOTHER HEAVY BLOW                                                                                    MAY 30TH,2016

Teachers have suffered another major setback after the Teachers Service Commision offered 0% raise in the latest counter offer.Besides Knut,Kuppet has also gotten the same offer from TSC.KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion has remained tight lipped concerning the offer,the Union has also not commented on the offer made to them by TSC,this leaves  a question of whether allowances have been increased.A team was formed to study the proposed will and have arranged to meet tomorrow to analyse the offer.The offer was also discussed by the unions top decision making organ the National Executive Council.


A report was presented to Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi yesterday that showed headteachers and school boards are misusing free primary education cash on sitting allowances,overseas trips and other irregular activities.The fraud ranges from forging of signatures,delivery of ghost books,overpricing and single sourcing of supplies.Dr Matiangi said the goverment would from next year unveil a new system which will capture details on enrollment and disbursment with parents also being able to check on how much has been allocated to their school each year,he said the the goverment would reconstitute school audits units because the current system had failed and also train school heads on how to use resources allocated to them properly.Since its introduction Free Primary Education has spent Sh 100 billion.

NATIONAL PARENTS ASSOCIATION TO BE FORMED                                                                        MAY25TH,2016

Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi has announced that a new parents association is to be formed,the association will have representatives from all 47 counties he said he would expect to meet parents` delegates from all the counties who will then elect their respective leaders this is a move to start an association with parents and headteachers this comes after he dismissed the Kenya National Parents Association saying it is non-inclusive and unlawful.

OUTRAGE AGAINST MATIANGI SCHOOL RULES                                                                                  MAY 20TH,2016

Parents,leaders and churches have opposed the new school rules outlawed by education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi saying that they would end up hurting the candidates rather than helping to put an end to exam leakage.The Kenya National Association of Parents and Teachers have accused Dr Matiangi of overstepping and changing the school calendar without involving them.

NEW RULES FOR SCHOOLS TO STOP EXAM LEAKAGE                                                                         MAY 18TH,2016

Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi outlawed all non-academic activities including prayer days and prize giving ceremonies during the third term ,to cut contact between candidates and outsiders.He also shortened the period for the form four examination to four weeks from six weeks and put headteachers directly incharge of test in their respective schools.This he said was a move aimed to curb exam leakage in schools.The Kenya Secondary School headteachers association chairman John Awiti has applauded the move and vowed to fully support it.                                                                

TEACHERS TO UNDERGO RETRAINING AFTER 5 YEARS                                                                    MAY 16TH,2016

Chief Executive Officer Nancy Macharia said that the 350,000 teachers in Public and Private school will now be required to undergo professional training after every five years as part of reforms introduced to better the quality of education ,she also urged school boards of management not to hire teachers who have been deregistered due to misconduct.The process is aimed at keeping teachers abreast with new developments in subject content,teaching methods,leadership and resource allocations.


The Higher Education Loans Board requires about 2 billion to run its affairs effectively for the next financial year.The Chief Executive Charles Ringera said 10 billion will be loaned to students and 1billion will be for operational costs,this comes after the National Treasury allocated it 9.1 billion up from last years 7.5 billion.Mr Ringera also called for beneficiaries to repay their loans.

GOVERMENT IMPLEMENTS LAPTOP PROJECT                                                                                       MAY4TH,2016

Teachers have started introducing their pupils to laptops during the first day of the second term,The Jubilee administration has fulfilled its pledge to give laptops to free primary education.Students in various parts of the country starting from class one were issued with new tablets today.The computer project is set to see all pupils with laptops by the end of the year.

PARENTS CONCERNED OVER HIGH FEES                                                                                              MAY 3RD,2016

Schools reopen today with concern by parents from both private and public schools concerned about high school fees with high economic times.This also comes as as several schools around the country are affected by the floods as a result to the heavy rains,there is also the looming possibility of a strike by teachers in July,stakeholders  urged the goverment to settle teachers woes  and also asked the goverment to release funds to schools.

MATIANGI SEEKS NEW SCHOOL BOOKS SUPPLY                                                                                APRIL 27TH,2016

Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi says that the state has not yet arrived at an alternative model for distributing books to public schools that would be fool proof against graft.He has called for stakeholder engagement in order to review current process with the multiple suppliers he said the current model must be reformed as it was bleeding the state of billions of shillings.The CS invited colleguesto chart the way forward saying they cannot be losing money the way they have been,Book Sellers have resistant to new calls to review the model,this comes after the current system has been abused and manipulated becoming a rogue train for rogue head teachers and book sales.


Report on spending released by The Controller of Budgets showed Salaries for Teachers as the largest chunk,pay of teachers has been a major public policy issue in the past one year with salary incriment talks still ongoing.A total of sh 85.9 billion was used to pay teachers between June and December last year.

NUMBER OF STUDENT ENROLMENT DOUBLES                                                                                       APRIL 13TH,2016

Enrollment in Secondary Schools more than doubled from 40 per cent to 88 per cent between 2000 and 2014,while the number of years students stay in school have significantly risen.Devolution Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri said Kenya was on track towards attaining three of the sustainable Development goals with quality education winning the war on School droupout rate.


Universities have been ordered to install electronic student registers.All universities and their constituent colleges have been given 120 days to develop an electronic register to ensure they capture all the details of their learners,including the courses they are persuing and their year of study .The directive by Dr Matiangi is meant to ensure safety at the institutions especially against terrorism.

PRIVATE VARSITIES TO ENROLL STATE-FUNDED STUDENTS                                                          APRIL 8TH,2016

In the 2015 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education 165,766 candidates attained the minimum university entry qualificationof C+ and above however the placement body has announced that only 74,389 will join public universities in September up from 67,790 last year,th rest will have to join private universities or tertiary colleges,Goverment sponsered students will now be admitted to private universities as the authorities seek to adress conjestion at public institutions of higher learning,Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi said he had asked Kenyan Universities and colleges Central Placement Service to prepare a report on how the students will be admitted to the universities from September.

PRESIDENT IN HIS STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS                                                                    MARCH 31ST,2016

President Kenyatta today addressed the nation and talked at length about the education sector he said his administration has already began consulting stakeholders to gain their assent and support for the proposed changes to the 844 system this would help maintain high standards and that Kenya`s qualifications are globally acceptable ,he said the goverment was working to restore the integrity of the exam system he said he is working towards no pupils lack place sin form one selection and that no child is left uneducated.

TEACHERS AND POLICE WORKED TOGETHER TO STEAL EXAMS                                                 MARCH 29TH,2016

A confidential goverment report revealed that the main source of leaked national examination papers last year was a teacher in Mandera county, this he did with the help of police officers in the county and a student from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology,The reports questions the wisdom of using police stations as storage centres for exam papers and addreses the weakness of the Knec seals systems.The teacher approached a policeman who then broke the seal and took pictures of the exam papers and resealed the papers this was done for 60,000 a week.During this period the teacher earned about 1.5 million,however the teacher burned both his phone and ipad which was considered evidence which makes it hard for investigators to effectively prosecute.

CABLE HURDLE IN SCHOOL LAPTOP PROJECT                                                                                MARCH 14TH,2016  

Cabinet Secretary for Information,Communication and Technology Joe Mucheru asked Kwale,Nyandarua and Kajiado counties to relax their stringent measures that are hindering last mile computer companies from laying fibre optic cable in their cable.He warned that the three counties may be locked out of schools free laptop programme.The goverment has set aside sh 2.6billion for the purchase of furniture that will be used for the laptop project.

KABARAK EMERGES TOP NATIONALY IN KCSE EXAMS                                                             MARCH 4TH,2016

Moi High School Kabarak students topped exams with a mean score of 11.66 followed by Maseno second and Alliance third in the national league.This years perfomance mirrored last years perfomance more or less.There were 165,766 candidates who scored grade C+ and above which is the minimum university entry requirement ,however the number of candidates with A went down from 3.073 in 2014 to 2,636 last year.

FREE SCHOOL FAILS TO KEEP MORE CHILDREN IN SCHOOL                                         MARCH 3RD,2016

74% of pupils who enrolled in class one in 1995 did not make it to form 4 in 2006,58% of those enrolled in class one in 2004 did not make it to form four in 2015.Only two out of every five students reach form four these are among the many statistics that have faced the education system despite the fact that free primary education was supposed to end the despair of dropping out of school for lack of this however this has seen an increase in the completion rate with many still droping out

GOOD NEWS FROM KNEC                                                                                                                 FEBRUARY 23RD,2016

Students who wish to resit national examinations will be able to do so alot sooner than in previous years,This comes after new exam rules lift burden on students and allows them now to resit the exams right after the results are released,this also applies to students who may have missed the exams for reasons such as illness and cancellation for exams already sat on.Before the students waited an year to re-sit the examinations,they also announced that the time taken to remark examination will be reduced to two months from the date of release,currently it takes 90 days or more for remarking.

TEACHERS MUST SIGN CONTRACTS                                                                                                FEBRUARY 22ND,2016

The Public Service Comission has come out and informed  KNUT and KUPPET that all teachers must sign perfomance contracts.The comissions chairman Margaret Kobia says teachers like all other civil servants must be ready to be appraised,the contract is to be used as an accountability measure,she said it was the task of the Teachers Service Commission to sit down with teachers and agree on the mode of perfomance contracts that can apply,she said changes in the public service should be embraced,however KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion asked teachers not to participate in the appraisal.

PREACHERS VISITING SCHOOLS TO BE VETTED                                                                        FEBRUARY 17TH,2016

Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi wants preachers to be vetted by religious leaders before attending sermons in Schools.He also expressed the need for a review of the religious education and curriculum across so that it can impart inter faith values this he said while adressing the supreme Council of Kenya Muslims,he also asked all religious leaders and teachers to join hands in fighting radicalisation of students.

PILOT PHASE IN LAPTOP STARTS ON MONDAY                                                                         FEBRUARY 16TH,2016

Class one pupils in 150 schools will recieve laptops starting Monday next week as the free laptop project commences.The pilot phase involves JKUAT and Moi University providing servers,routers and laptops.The number of laptop to be released on the first batch will be 600,000 by June.The interior ministry has been asked to help with ensuring the safety of the gadgets if the need arises.                                                 

MOI UNIVERSITY AND JKUAT WIN LAPTOP TENDER                                                              FEBRUARY 10TH,2016

The bid to deliver laptops for Jubilee`s flagship project of 2013 was jointly won by Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and its partner Positivo BGH and Moi University and its partners JP SA Couto.Moi university will oversee the supply ,installation and commisioning of the Digital learning for all schools in 26 counties while JKUAT will do the same for the remaining 21 counties,The first delivery of laptops should be implemented by June.Teachers have already been trained and the curriculum prepared to accomodate digital learning,however the suppliers are first required to demonstrate their ability in May by connecting 150 schools in both rural and urban schools within the 47 counties.                             

UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI TOPS LIST                                                                                           FEBRUARY 1ST,2016

University of Nairobi has topped the list as the best university in Kenya and number six in the whole of Africa,this is according to The Higher Education(THE) and the Journal Consortium.The ranking was conducted in January 2016 by webometrics in which over 24,000 institutions were ranked.UON was number 697 in the world.The universities that followed were Egerton University,Moi University,Kenyatta University and Strathmore.

SCHOOLS IN SPOTLIGHT OVER ENROLLMENT SCANDAL                                                            JANUARY 25TH,2016

The Education ministry is investigating schools in regions such as Nairobi,Kiambu,Kajiado and Machakos for allegedly inflating enrollment figures.The Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi emphasised that this financial year 32.9 billion has been set aside to cater for students in Secondary School while sh 14 billion will support pupils in public primary school.


24,000 schools may lose land to grabbers due to lack of title deeds or lease certificates,a study reveals.588 public schools are unsure if they have the proper documentation  allowing them to possess land on which they already sit.

FORM ONE SELECTION STARTS TODAY                                                                                          JANUARY 21ST,2016

Students who sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education will from today know which secondary schools they are joining,This will be launched by Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi,This years numbers have risen with last year having 696,000 and this year having 30,000 more pupils making the total this year rise to 730,000 pupils.The Minister will also highlight new education reforms meant to curb corruption in schools during the admission stages.

TSC TO EMPLOY NEW HEADS FOR SECONDARY SCHOOL                                                        JANUARY 12TH,2016

34 new deputy principals will be employed in the Nakuru county to fill vacancies arising from retirement.MOST principals and and deputies have attained the mandatory retirement age after the govt pushed the ceiling from 55 to 60 years the new deputy principals would be deployed in Kuresoi.

Teachers Appriasal

The Teacher Service comission has started appraising more then 298,000 teachers for perfomance .it will use this appraisal to assign,train,promote and deploy teachers to various administrative positions.Heads of institutions will be assesed on resource management ,service delivery,maintenance of teaching standards,integrity and national values.

STUDENTS AND PRINCIPALS WARNED OF CONMEN BY KNEC                                               JANUARY 7TH,2016

Students who previously finished their form 4 education have been warned by KNEC to stay clear of conmen who are claiming to influence the outcome of their exam results.The Kenya National Examination Council James Kivilu also warned the principals who were being told that they could prevent their results from being cancelled for irregularities or help them secure good grades.Both Students and Principals have been asked to ignore and report such incidences.

STUDENT LOSING PATIENCE OVER HELB LOANS                                                                        JANUARY 6TH,2016

First year students who have just joined university will have to wait longer for helb loans,this comes after the National Treasury failed to release Sh 4billion to the Higher Education Loans Board.Charles Ringera said that the number of students waiting for their first year funds were 62,000,he went ahead to say that the board is hoping to collect about 3.6billion by the end of this year from former beneficiaries he however said the collections should not be used to sponsor first year students.

UNION TO FIND AN ALTERNATIVE TO GET DUES FROM TEACHERS                                        DECEMBER 9TH,2015

Teachers to step up fight for Union cash,they have accused their employer of frustrating them by withholding union dues and are looking for alternative ways of collecting the revenue.KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion said new strategies are being sought to elevate the fight for union dues.

The TSC has withheld union dues for August in bad faith,he said they needed to explore alternative mechanism of collecting the money ,saying it has caused delayed staff salries and consequent disruptions in union operations.


A senior official at the Teachers Service Commision has accused Dr Matiang`i of interfering with the commisions independence by directing that it pays teachers the September salaries.The official said that the CS had no mandate to order them to pay teachers as the matter was still pending in court,This comes after Dr Matiang`i promised teachers their September pay on Sunday which TSC was reluctant to release.

TEACHERS TO RECIEVE SEPTEMBER PAY                                                                                   NOVEMBER 30TH,2015

Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi has said TSC will pay teachers for September salaries starting today.TSC has to prepare a payroll for the teachers who missed their salaries and submit it to the Treasury before money is released.More than 245,000 teachers missed their September salaries for particpating in a strike,their employer TSC released payment for only 42,973 who were in school during the strike period.

KNUT ABANDONS COURT BATTLE                                                                                                NOVEMBER 20TH,2015

Knut has abandoned the 50-60% pay rise court battle and will now start a new round of salary negotiations.This comes after the unions top officials met with the president at State House two weeks ago.The Teachers Service Commision is also required to relaease the Teachers September and October Salary,Although Knut Secretary General Wilson Sossion was not in the meeting he expressed that he was happy that the president intervened and it would put an end to the perennial teachers strikes.

The State house deal requires that Salaries team be involved in the negotiations which has led to  a meeting on wednesday where Union officials will meet TSC,Kuppet will also be in attendance.

14 TEACHERS ARRESTED OVER KCPE EXAM LEAK                                                                NOVEMBER 13TH,2015

In Busia and Mombasa counties 14 teachers were arrested for leaking KCPE papers to students,the arrests happened as the education ministry said it would audit the exam production to address leakages.The leaked papers were of Mathematics ,English and composition that apeared similar to KCPE exam papers that were done a day before.The papers were shared via mobile phones using the social network whatsapp.The teachers who were arrested yeasterday were relaeased today on a sh 500,000 bond with a surety or a sh 200,000 cash bail.

UHURU CALLS FOR HARMONY IN EDUCATION SECTOR                                                      NOVEMBER 11TH,2015

President Uhuru Kenyatta  intervened in the the teachers pay dispute and askes TSC to pay the September salaries,he also directed that the 42,973 teachers who worked during the one month strike be paid extra allowances.The decision was made after the President held talks at statehouse with the Deputy President William Ruto,Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi,TSC Chairperson Lydia Nzomo and KNUT chairperson Mudzo Nzili.Mr Kenyatta assured the citizens that the agreements they reached will ensure the era of strikes comes to an end.

TSC FAILS TO COLLECT FUNDS FOR UNION FROM TEACHERS                                           OCTOBER 28TH,2015

The TSC dealt KNUT and KUPPET a huge blow by refusing to collect union dues on their behalf.The employer deducts payment directly from teachers salaries monthly,the decision will make it next to impossible for KUPPET and KNUT to get the union dues directly from the teachers.They collect about 2 billion annually and 135 million monthly from KNUT and 35 MILLION from KUPPET.KNUT largely depends on this contributions and some union branches are said to face closure due to lack of funds for operational cost and rent.

POLICE TO BLAME FOR LEAKAGE                                                                                          OCTOBER 27TH,2015

Police accused of role in massive exam leak of national examination.This was  from Sabina Chege Chairperson of the National Assembly Education Comittee.Police spokesman Charles Owino has however denied claims that officers were involved in the Kenya Certificate Secondary Education exam paper leakage,Fourteen teachers Seventy Nine students and two police officers have been arrested allegedly for leaking the papers.

NEW RULES FOR FORM ONE SELECTION                                                                            OCTOBER 23RD,2015

The top five standard eight pupils from private and public schools will get automatic national school admissions.This guidlines were launched yesterday by Education CS Jacob Kaimenyi,the gidlines are set to increase the number of students from sub counties who will join national schools from three to five.Tjhe 103 national schools have been grouped into four clusters based on their human resource and infrastructure a candidate will be expected to choose from each category.

TEACHERS THREATEN TO SUE TSC                                                                                      OCTOBER 12TH,2015

The Kenya National Union of Teachers will today hold a meeting with its lawyer to know the way forward after TSC failed to deposit last months salary in the teachers account,However TSC is set to appeal some of the court rulings issued last week,the comission also says some of the teachers havent gone back to school as per the court order.Mr Sossion however said that the lack of last months payment that was due on Friday has demotivated teachers,he said if the issue wasnt attended to it would affect the final  form four examinations.TSC remains adamant that it will pay September salaries to only the 40,000 principals,deputies and heads of departments who were working during the strike.

FIVE WEEK TEACHERS STRIKE ENDS                                                                               OCTOBER 5TH,2015

Teachers have today resumed teaching with students who were sent home reporting back to school to start on their third and final term of the year,the strike ended on Friday 2nd October.The Disgruntled teachers report back to work uncertain of their September salaries after five week strike,with the Teachers Service Comission showing no indication of paying.

E-KITABU PRIZE GIVING                                                                                                    SEPTEMBER 23RD,2015

Today marked the prize giving of the recently concluded eKitabu Digital Annual Essay Competitions.The Competition is hosted by Ekitabu and Elimu Holdings.The event saw numerous teachers and students recieve prizes.The panel of guests was comprised of heads of the various organizations represented,It is in its third year running,it was a great success this year with the number of both teachers and students(both primary and secondary)rise.In attendance were various kenyan publishing firms ,technology based firms and others that have been proud sponsors since its inception.

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ekitabu     ekitabu

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NO SEPTEMBER PAY FOR TEACHERS                                                                                  SEPTEMBER 25TH,2015

Teachers Service Comission issued a statement that teachers on strike will not recieve their September pay,this comes after the teacher strike has hit four weeks seeing the end of September without learning,Those on strike will now depend on the return-to-work formula should the strike be called off.

Today the Labour Court will decide the fate for the month long strike on whether it was legal or not,TSC and the Attorney General on behalf of the goverment argued that the strike was unprotected and that teachers should go back to teaching.

UHURU RULES OUT HIGHER PAY FOR TEACHERS                                                           SEPTEMBER 21ST,2015

In a televised address from StateHouse yesterday the President ruled out pay rise for teachers saying doing so would result to a raise in the cost of living,This comes after the goverment ordered all schools shut late last week saying this is to ensure the safety of children and safeguard the property in schools,he also asked teachers to put children first and reconsider their stand on the strike and resume their teaching duties.

The president accused teachers of holding children hostage inorder to wage demands,he also said teachers in public schools earn higher salaries compared to their counterparts in private schools yet,private schools perform better and that teachers were paid the same as other public servants in the job group.This is the fourth week for the ongoing teachers strike.


Deputy President William Ruto tells striking teachers to report to work today without fail,Ruto told teachers to report to work today without fail,he also told teachers to respect both TSC and the Salaries and Remuneration Commission position that there was no money and that all public servants income should be harmonised ,According to Mr Ruto the goverment spends sh 1,400 on each pupil in public schools and another 13,000 for each student in Secondary day schools.

Opposition party ODM wants this years examination postponed due to the teachers strike,they said this as they asked teachers not to relent in their quest for better salaries.

The National assembly speakers Justin Muturi has ruled out reconvening the house early to discuss the ongoing teachers strike saying the dispute is already in court.

TEACHERS STRIKE APPROACHES THIRD WEEK                                                               SEPTEMBER 11TH,2015

The Teachers Service Comission started discplinary action against 2000 school heads on September 9th,they were asked to explain why school gates were locked and students turned away,this is admist a fresh row between Teachers and their employer which will be made on Tuesday next week.Mr Justice Nelson Aboudha said that issues raised by both sides have to be heard before a decision is made,Opposition leader Raila Odinga weighed in on the issue saying he supports the strike and that the goverment has the capacity to pay teachers and that it should stop lying it doesnt, but instead use the money set aside for National Youth Service projects to pay the teachers.


Education County Directors have been ordered to issue warning letters to teachers who will not have reported to work today.Mary Rotich acting director of TSC Teacher Management asked the directors to intensify the monitoring of schools.Teachers however have vowed to continue with the ongoing strike,Knut Secretary General Wilson Sossion whoever mainted that no level of intimidation will make them relent and that the commision should ensure they get their higher pay as opposed to issuing threats.

CASE AGAINST TEACHERS UNION IN COURT TODAY                                                     SEPTEMBER 4TH,2015

A case filed by the teachers Service Commission challenging the ongoing strike will be heard today,The commision argues that the strike will paralyse learning for students in both primary and secondary as it interferes with the childrens right to education. Lawyer Geoffrey Obura said KNUT and KUPPET wrongly and unlawfully called for a strike because it violates labor laws.Meanwhile Knut sued the comissionn chairperson and its chief executive officer as well as the Cabinet and principal secretaries of Treasury  and Labour for refusing to respect court orders for Higher pay

NO MONEY FOR TEACHERS                                                                                                       SEPTEMBER 2ND ,2015

Yesterday marked the end of the deadline by Teachers union to receive their higher pay or strike,the unions asked teachers to not teach or even avail themselves to schools until their higher pay reflects.The National Treasury has ruled out teachers higher pay saying an appeal against the ruling is still pending,they told teachers to expect no extra cent saying they have no money to give the teachers and that the figures teachers were asking for had not be included in the financial year.The CS said borrowing money to pay teachers was not practical.Knut bosses have called talks to plan strike that started yesterday,Go Slow started as the third term of schools started.

GOVERMENT IN A TIGHT SPOT                                                                                                  AUGUST 25TH,2015

Mps meet today to discuss teachers pay rise which puts goverment in a crisis.TSC will also need to raise sh 17billion between now and June 2016,The comission needs sh 72 billion to implement a four year payment plan for 288,060 teachers.

Mutava Musyimi chairman of the National Assembly Budget and Appropriation Commitee said they will discuss expected proposals from the National Treasury on financing the 50 percent pay increment.

Analysts say Treasury Cabinet Sectretary Henry Rotich has three options which are borrowing ,getting  a grant or raising taxes.Sarah Serem Chairperson OF salaries and Remuneration comission said teachers do not deserve a salary increase saying thet they had harmonised all salaries and allowances,She accused teachers union of propagating lies to the public through the media,saying that teachers basic salaries are at par with the rest of the public servants.

TEACHERS CELEBRATE WIN                                                                                                  AUGUST 24TH,2015

Teachers yesterday could not hide their joy as the supreme court declined to stop implementation of their new higher pay,they are set to enjoy a 50 percent and 60 percent increase.The lowest paid teacher would earn 26,707 up from 16,692.Wilson Sossion threatened unspecicified action if the payroll is not amended to reflect the increased pay.

Mr Paul Muite appearing for Knut said after the Supreme Court ruling they will be expecting the TSC to invite Knut and Kuppet today or tommorow ,so as to discuss how the enhanced salaries are going to be paid,he appealed to to the TSC to consider thousands of children in public schools.

UNIVERSITIES GIVEN 12 MONTHS TO COMPLY                                                                   AUGUST 14th,2015

Comission for University Education Chairman Henry Thairu says seven out of eight university campuses that were to be closed given 12 more months to ensure centres have conducive enviroment however they can continue teaching as they enforce the regulation,the 12 months start from July 31st,this is after they had appealed from being shut in six months from June.All the eight universities are in Nairobi

The regulations for these universities are.

-it should have laboratories ,libraries and adequate teaching staff.

-Enough space for lecture rooms.

-Mode of teaching should be disclosed.

TEACHERS SERVICE COMMISION SUFFERS A  HUGE BLOW                                                 August 13th,2015

Teachers Service Comission underwent a huge loss as teachers won a court battle over insurance.The Employment and Labour Relations Court said the teachers employment violated the rights of Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers and its members when it issued a  directive to the union to contribute to the scheme .This means Kuppets agreement with the National Insurance Fund will continue uninterrupted.

Knut summons its members to endorse the oncoming September strike whereas Sabina Chege the National Assembly Education Committee Chairperson pleaded with KNUT to delay boycott for two weeks so as they can talk to the National Treasury,Teachers Service Comission,Education Ministry and Budget Comittee.

TEACHERS ADAMANT ON STRIKE                                                                                                     August 12th,2015

KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion insist that teachers will still go o strike in September if their Augusts payslips do not reflect the salary increase awarded to them by the industrial court.He said that regarde less of the decision made tomorrow by the supreme court,the teachers would down their tools next month.

Mr Sossion however called on alll teachers to go to the Supreme Court tomorrow at 9 to witness the ruling,the ruling is set to decide whether the pay rise will be suspended or not.Yesterday the Union demanded the withdrawal of an appeal by the Education ministry against salary increases,he also called upon Aden Duale to prove his support by moving a motion in the house for more funds for the pay rise.

KUPPET AND KNUT AT LOGGERHEADS OVER SEPTEMBER STRIKE                                            August 4th,2015

KUPPET and KNUT disagree on planned third time strike.KNUT has asked members not to be in school while KUPPET has taken a wait and see approach,he promised that it will be the mother of all strikes and that they will not accept opression,the goverment losses sh 450billion to corruption it cannot say it does not have 51 billion.

KUPPET secretary general Akello Misori said they would  give the goverment time to implement the pay rise,he went ahead to say he was sure the goverment would pay and they would make a decision on september 3rd.This however came after Lydia Nzoma the chairperson of the Teachers Service Comission said the goverment does not have the money as Education CS Jacob Kaimenyi said the goverment would not be forced to pay what they do not have.

TEACHERS READY FOR STRIKE                                                                                                             August 3rd, 2015

Teachers are ready to go an a nationwide strike next term when schools open after TSC appealed the salary increase to teachers upheld by the High Court.These comes after an ongoing pay row  between the teachers Union Knut  and the Teachers Service Comission.

Knut Secretary General William Sossion stated that the war has just began saying that instead of the TSC taking them back to court they should have demanded for release of funds from the National Treasury.Mr Sossion went ahead to tell teachers to prepare for a major strike in September.

GOOD NEWS FOR RETIRED TEACHERS                                                                                                 July 31st,2015

Retired teachers recieve good news after 17years of waiting for salary and pensions and arrears.The High court ruled in their favour by ordering their former employer to release the money.

The Teachers Service Comission was directed by the court to liase with the national treasury,the controller of the budget ,the auditor-general ,the director of pensions and other offices to settle the 42.3billion pension arrears.

The judge accused the comission of stalling despite a 2006 High court ruling that favoured the retirees.

New salary deal                                                                                                                                          July 23,2015

TSC has asked for renewed negotiations on the teachers basic pay increase and asked that the order given earlier by the Industrial court be suspended.TSC lawyer Mr Anyour said a job evaluation was ongoing that would affect alll public servants including teachers which is being conducte d by the Salaries and Renumeration Comission that is also expected to resolve the basic pay dispute.

Paul Muite who is representing Knut however opposed the request to have SRC review teachers as it is the TSC mandate under the constitution.The teachers union will be making their case today.

The Minisitry of Education is considering moving the date for  national exams for schools that have been affected by trrorist attacks.Jacob Kaimenyi said the students deserved a fair shot so it would be fair to postpone the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education and Kenya Secondary School Education,He however ruled out giving the students special exams

NEW TEACHERS TO BE HIRED TO CURB SHORTAGE                                                                      July 15,2015

Teachers have until 31st to submit their applications for the recruitment process,5,000 new teachers are set to be hired to ease the shortage in Public Schools.Nancy Macharia Teachers Service Comission chief executive announced the recruitment saying all registered teachers should apply.

This comes after the Teachers Union placed the shortage at 80,000 teachers while also demanding for more allocations to education.Out of the 5,000,2,338 are for primary school while 2,662 will deployed to post primary institutions of which 22 will go to technical institutions.

Teachers who applied earlier and and were unsuccesful were asked  to re-apply and those with disabilities were also urged to apply since a new list will be generated.For post primary posts one has to be a holder of a diploma in Education minimum.

COLLEGES CONCLUDE SELECTION FOR TEACHERS                                                                           July 8,2015

Out of 13,873 candidates, 9,731 candidates were picked to join 24 primary teacher training colleges.Thr selection was based on merit and was computerized and was in  47 counties however 4,000 candidates failed to join the teaching proffesionas colleges conclude this years selection.

Applicants were required to have attained a C plain in the KCSE with atleast a D(plain)in Mathematics and a C(minus) in English ,the above cutoff has stayed constant for three years.

The Ministry is also in the process of constructing eight new colleges to replace those that were elevated into universities.The appointment of the new teachers is meant to adress the shortage the ministry has been undergoing.

UNIONS THREATEN STRIKE                                                                                         July 6,2015

Unions yesterday said they would call a strike if the goverment delays the implementation of a pay rise given to teachers by the Industrial Court last week.

KNUT however have not set a date for the strike.KUPPET Secretary General Akelo Misori said members would consider a strike after the expiry of the 30 days within the court directed time.

Mr Sossion and the stand and adhere to the judgement by Justice Nduma Nderi, he continued by saying they are expecting to be called in for a meeting so that they can effect the incriment,he said the goverment should not seek favour from the court.

CLASH AT PARLIAMENTARY COMMITTEE HEARING                                                                              July 3,2015

William Sossion KNUT Secretary General and Jacob Kaimenyi Education Secretary yesterday attended a parliamentary Commitee where they clashed.The TSC opposed a provision that the board of management should handle school funds stating that Headteachers should,as they also run day to day operations.

Prof Kaimenyi stated that the earlier said existing laws give him powers to oversee the running of schools and implementation of the education policy including accounting officers and headteachers.KNUT however sort to restrict the role of the people he appoints who are the school board.

The above law states:

-Elderly people can only enroll at informal schools.

-Imposing a minimum age when a child can join primary school at 6

corruption by teachers was also adressed and a directive that parents should not be directed to buy school uniforms from a specified distributor.

NO CASH FOR TEACHERS                                                                                                                               July,2,2015

Government insists there is no money to pay teachers and will have to wait longer this is after teachers were awarded a higher pay yesterday by the Employment and Labour Relations Court.

Lydia Nzomo TSC chairperson said they do not have even a single cent to pay the additional salary and that the current government policy is to carry out a job evaluation for all public sector employees to determine worth and if they deserve raises, It will cost an estimated 70 billion annually to pay the teachers. TSC however is set to appeal the ruling.

Knut secretary General William Sossion insisted separately that they will push for the court ruling and that teachers can get 52 billion through a supplementary budget saying their overall budget is 2.1 trillion,he also said Knut would oppose efforts to reverse Tuesdays court ruling.

GOOD NEWS FOR TEACHERS.                                                                                                                        July 1,2015

Teachers were yesterday awarded a huge salary increase after various battles with the government over pay raise.Those in lower grades will get a salary raise of 60% while those in higher grades will get a 50% increase.

Knut and Kenya Union of Post Primary Education have been in a vicious legal battle with the TSC,the SCR and the Attorney General over their pay.

The news was met with high celebration  from KNUT officials as the secretary general Wilson Sossion could not hold back but have tears of joy,the funds are to be paid between now and 2017.this

This however has caused protest from the government with Education Permanent secretary Jacob Kaimenyi saying that he would appeal the ruling and that he would not agree to be forced to pay what they do not have.

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